CLASSIC Arcade Games 2 Player 60 Game Retro Cabinet

The Classic Arcade cabinet evokes the fun and excitement of those original games that emerged in the late 1970s and early ’80s. Pac-Man, Galaga, Space Invaders and others became household names and blew the minds of millions with their addictive gameplay and iconic characters.

This two-player multigame combines the most popular classic arcade games in history, made with long lasting commercial-standard build quality. Finished with retro decals and capped off with toughened safety top, is a great feature in any home.



2 Player 60 Games cabinet features a large 19-inch flatscreen LCD monitor with a wide viewing angle range, which flips upside down for turn-based 2-player games. The two commercial-quality joysticks with three buttons each are specifically designed to feel and perform just like the arcade originals, while modern speakers bring those legendary audio effects to life all over again in full stereo sound. Adjust the volume using an easily accessible control, which is kept behind a lockable hatch.

Ms Pac-Man / Galaga / Frogger /Donkey Kong / Donkey Junior / Donkey Kong 3 Galaxian / Dig Dug / Crush Roller / Mr. Do / Space Invaders / Pac Man Galaga 3 / Gyruss / Tank Battalion / 1942 / Lady Bug / Burger Time Mappy / Centipede / Millipede / JR Pacman / Pengo / Phoenix Time Pilot / Super Cobra / Hustler / Space Panic / Super Breakout / New Rally X / Arkanoid / Qix / Juno First / Xevious / Mr. Do’s Castle / Moon Cresta Pinball Action / Scramble / Super Pacman / Bomb Jack / Shao-Lin’s Road / King & Balloon 1943 / Van-Van Car / Pacman Plus / Dig Dug 2 / Amidar / Zaxxon / Pooyan / Pleiads / Gun Smoke / The End / 1943 Kai / Congo Bongo / Jumping Jack / Ms Pac-Man (fast mode) / Pac-Man (fast mode) / Galaga (fast fire mode) / Jr Pac-Man (fast mode) / Pac-Man Plus (fast mode)